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OpinionSite Portal Overview

To log in, enter your registered email address and password. If you need to reset your password or if you wish to change the email address registered to your account, there are options underneath the login fields.

Click on the SURVEYS tab to see all surveys currently available to you. You can click on any opportunity listed to begin the survey.

Click on the REDEEM tab to view your point balance and to submit redemption requests. You may choose from several denominations of PayPal or you can click on the orange "Tango Card" icon to choose from our numerous gift card options.

  • Note that you may need to request multiple PayPal/gift card disbursements to sum to the total points in your account.
  • If you would like to request a PayPal payment, we must have verification of the email address registered to your PayPal account. This information can be reviewed on the PROFILE UPDATE tab.

To see a history of all honorariums credited to your account and/or redeemed, hover over REDEEM and select "Reward History" from the options which appear.

Click on the PROFILE UPDATE tab to view your profile details. You will find a link enabling you to provide the email address registered to your PayPal account (necessary for PayPal payments), a link to contact our support team, and also fields for changing your password, setting your language preference, and specifying the frequency at which you will receive emails from us.

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Healthcare Provider Community Membership

How do I become a member?

All licensed medical professionals are invited to join the OpinionSite Healthcare Provider Community. Please use our registration page to sign up.

Does it cost anything to join?

Membership is 100% free.

What does it take to become a member?

To become a member, you must be a licensed medical professional and complete our enrollment questionnaire. Once your medical license is verified, you will receive a welcome email and will begin receiving invitations to various surveys that match your profile.

Why should I become an Healthcare Provider Community Member?

Healthcare Provider Community compensates you to share your expertise and experience through surveys, moderated discussions, and sponsored panels. Your opinions are then used to improve medical products and improve patient care.

I have not received my confirmation email, what should I do?

If you haven’t received your confirmation email, please click here in order to resend it. If you still don’t see it in your Inbox, please check your Junk/Spam e-mail folder. To ensure you receive future survey email invitations, please add the email address to your address book.

Participating in Healthcare Provider Community Surveys

How do I participate in a survey?

Once you click on your registration confirmation email, we will verify your medical credentials and activate your membership. Once activated, you will receive invitations via email for surveys that we think you will qualify for and enjoy. You can also find surveys under the "Available surveys" tab inside the OpinionSite Healthcare Provider Community portal. The more comprehensive your profile, the more invitations you are likely to receive.

Important Note: To confirm your registration, you need to click on the confirmation link within the email. If you do not complete this step, you will not be able to receive survey invitations via email. If you haven’t been able to activate your account for any other reason, please contact us and provide as much information as possible.

Why are surveys conducted?

Businesses, governments, and other organizations are interested in the opinions of people who use, recommend, and prescribe their products and services.

How often will I take surveys?

We will send invitations to you regularly. Depending on your profile, we may ask you to complete surveys more or less often, so please keep your profile updated.

Why don't I have any available surveys?

We apologize if there are no surveys currently available for you. Please check your email often, as surveys are always being added. Remember to add to your trusted email senders list.

How much time will I spend completing a survey?

The length of each individual survey will vary. Your invitation will clearly state how long we think it will take you to complete the survey and what the offered compensation is for your time.

How am I compensated for my time?

By completing surveys, members will earn rewards points redeemable for various items through OpinionSite, including PayPal payments and gift cards to major retailers. Each survey will have a specific honorarium payment associated with it. We understand that your time is valuable and we strive to offer appropriate compensation to our members. Terms and conditions regarding earning, maintaining, and redeeming rewards points are set forth under “Earning and Redeeming Rewards” below. Upon completion you may go to your portal to redeem your honoraria or “bank” your rewards to redeem for a larger one-time payment at a later date. Some rewards have higher minimum redeemable amounts and/or potential processing fees. Please reference the rewards page in your portal for more information. If you are not able to or unsure how to log into your portal, please go here to reset your password using the email this message was sent to.

I am having difficulty with a survey, what should I do?

Let us know what is happening by contacting us here. Be sure to include the study code, topic, and a brief description of your problem. The more information you provide, the better! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by technical errors and will do our best to resolve them quickly.

How can I update my information?

To update contact and other information, please login and find our update link on the bottom of the available surveys tab.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, please click on the tab above labeled Password reset and follow the instructions on the page.

I forgot my username/password. What should I do?

Your username is the email address you registered with. If you don't remember it, please contact us here.

The registration survey won't take my email address?

We do not permit two registrations to the same email address. To gain access to your existing account, please use the password reset feature.

How do I unsubscribe?

Members can unsubscribe at any time. Every survey invitation will include an immediate unsubscribe link. In addition, you can discontinue your membership by visiting the unsubscribe page and following the instructions.


What do you do with my personal information?

Any information provided to us will be retained and used solely for the purposes of fulfilling your requests, responding to your questions, offering you opportunities to participate in surveys, performing and carrying out the terms of Healthcare Provider Community (including fulfilling any rewards), or communicating with you as a member of Healthcare Provider Community. We support the rights of our members by limiting the use of their information to legitimate market research purposes and we make every effort to conform to industry standards created to uphold ethical survey research.

Why do you need my information?

We ask for your information to communicate with you, tailor survey opportunities for you, comply with legal obligations, fulfill your requests for rewards, and to keep our records updated. See our privacy policy for more details. The more information you provide, the greater your chances of receiving invitations to surveys you may qualify for, and the more opportunities you may receive to earn cash rewards.

What kind of emails should I expect to receive?

We will send you invitations to take surveys and/or administrative emails regarding your account. Our emails will all come from Please add this account to your safe senders list.

Who can I talk to if I have any privacy concerns?

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Earning & Redeeming Rewards


By completing surveys, members will earn and accumulate rewards points, which are redeemable through OpinionSite. Each survey will have an “honorarium” amount associated with it, specifying the number of rewards points payable for completion of the survey. Your honorarium payment should immediately appear in your account upon the successful completion of most surveys.

Rewards points earned have no monetary value outside of the OpinionSite system, except where required by law. You can request rewards redemptions via your member portal. A minimum balance of at least 50 rewards points must be accumulated before points have value and are eligible for redemption. 

Members must remain active participants in the OpinionSite Healthcare Provider Community to be eligible to earn and maintain rewards points balances. Members who become “inactive participants” as defined herein shall forfeit any unredeemed rewards points balances. You may be deemed an “inactive participant” if you fail to respond to a survey invitation for 12 consecutive months.

If you have become an “inactive participant,” you will be informed of such status by email and given the opportunity to either continue or discontinue registration in the OpinionSite Healthcare Provider Community. If you respond to such email and choose to continue your registration, you will be returned to active status and eligible to participate in future surveys and resume earning rewards points. However, previously earned rewards points forfeited due to reaching “inactive participant” status may not be reinstated. If you do not respond to the registration email, we will discontinue your registration and you will be required to submit a new registration to be eligible to participate in future surveys. SurveyHealthcareGlobus (SHG) reserves the right to assess maintenance fees and other charges for unredeemed and outstanding reward points.           

Members who opt to discontinue their registration for any reason shall forfeit any unredeemed rewards points.

I haven't received my rewards payment. What should I do?

Your honorarium should immediately appear in your account at the conclusion of most surveys. For surveys which have required follow-up activities, your honorarium will be available once you have completed all requirements (such surveys will be clearly labeled in their invitations).

If you feel you are missing an honorarium, please submit a request here with the title "Missing Honorarium". When submitting your request, please include the following information for quickest response: Study code, Topic, Study Date. If you received any error message while participating, please include that as well.

How can I find out how much I've earned in rewards?

Please log in to your account and click on the tab labeled Surveys - Completed. This will contain your participation and reward history.

What are my reward options in the US?

Our current reward options include e-gift cards and PayPal. We always suggest you visit the Rewards Page to view an updated listing of reward options.

As a reminder, E-gift cards/PayPal redemptions are received in 1 to 2 weeks (which are processed weekly) compared to 6 to 8 weeks (processed monthly) for check redemptions. For a full listing of e-gift card options, feel free to click the “gift card” icon on your rewards page to browse through the available options.

What are my reward options outside of the US?

Currently rewards outside of the US are available in the form of E-gift cards and PayPal. Please visit your rewards page in order to see the specific rewards options.

How long will it take to redeem my rewards?

Redemption is fast and easy. Simply go to your rewards page and you will see your account balance at the top of the page. Click on the reward of your choice in order to initiate a request for redemption.

After I request my reward, how long will it take to receive my reward?

E-gift cards and PayPal are our quickest methods, with a processing time of 7 to 17 business daysto reach our members. Checks take the longest time to process at 6 to 8 weeks (processed monthly) due to the manual nature of issuing the reward.

I completed a study, but never received my reward. Why? What do I do?

We feel it is your right to choose a reward that best suits your needs. As such, we do not send out payments to our members automatically. Instead, we credit your account once you have successfully completed a survey. When you are ready, simply log in to your account, visit your rewards page, and click the icon to redeem the rewards you desire!

Can I track my reward earnings & redemptions?

At this point, you are able to scroll to the bottom of the rewards page to see your survey participation rewards and confirm that your redemption request was logged. Please understand that once you request the payment, it may take up to a week for our team to approve the transaction, to release the funds, then—depending on the reward type—the additional allotted total time before receipt.

Who can redeem PayPal Rewards?

PayPal rewards are currently available for all members.

How do I redeem my rewards for PayPal?

It’s simple! Be sure we have your PayPal email on file by going to the survey page in this portal and clicking on the "PayPal Email Address Update" survey, where you can provide the email address associated with your PayPal account. We understand that it may be the same email address you are currently using for your OpinionSite login, but we need your confirmation one time in order to execute payments via PayPal.

You only need to provide this email address once, although this is where you should go if you ever make a change to your PayPal email address. Once you have submitted your PayPal email, simply go to your rewards page, look for the PayPal redemption icon, and click the reward amount you’d like to redeem. 

Is there a cost to establish/maintain a PayPal account?

No, there is no cost to create or maintain a PayPal account for the purpose of redeeming your rewards.

*PayPal currently charges for some of its payment/disbursement options. PayPal specifically charges a fee for providing your reward via a check. For more information on these fees, please go to PayPal FAQ

Is there a cost to redeem my rewards using PayPal?

No, there is no cost to redeem your rewards with PayPal if you are having the funds transferred to your bank account. If you choose to receive a check from PayPal instead, there is a nominal fee assessed by PayPal. The fee to receive a check can be reviewed here or at PayPal’s FAQ page*.

Note: The fees assessed by PayPal are at the sole discretion of PayPal. is not responsible for any policy changes/fees incurred to PayPal members/users of their services.

Once I redeem my PayPal reward, how long will it take to get my honoraria paid out?

After you request your PayPal redemption, your reward begins processing. Once approved, you will receive an email from alerting you that you have received a payment from The subject line will read “Your OpinionSite PayPal Reward Has Arrived”. We ask that you allow 1 to 2 weeks to receive payment, although we always strive to provide your rewards as quickly as possible.

Is using PayPal secure? What information is shared between PayPal &

PayPal is a separate corporate entity from Please consult the PayPal Privacy Statement on their website for full information related to their security and privacy measures.

When you choose PayPal as a reward, will simply send a payment transmission to the email address with which your PayPal account is registered. We do not have access to ANY other PayPal account information, nor do we provide any other information to PayPal besides your chosen email address and reward amount.

How do I transfer my reward from my PayPal account to my bank account?

Please refer to the instructions available in your PayPal account or refer to the PayPal FAQs for further information on transferring funds from your PayPal account to your bank account.

What if I never received an email from PayPal?

First, please check your Spam or Junk folder. The notification email should be from with the subject line “Your OpinionSite PayPal Reward Has Arrived”. Please add this email,, to your contacts or safe delivery email list to ensure notifications reach your inbox.

If you still cannot find the email, log in to your PayPal account to make sure your reward has not been transferred into your account.

Lastly, please look to ensure we sent the confirmation email to the correct PayPal email address by going to the "Available Surveys" tab in your portal and clicking on "PayPal Email Address Update" to review/provide the email on file for PayPal. If you didn't have the correct PayPal email documented in this survey, go to your rewards page to determine whether your reward redemption was denied due to the missing PayPal email, then simply re-submit if it was.

If you still have not received your payment after completing these three steps and 3 weeks have passed since redemption of your reward, please reach out to the support team to investigate the status by clicking here).

What happens if I don’t see my payment in my PayPal account?

If after the 3-week processing period you still do not see a payment in your PayPal account, we suggest that you first confirm that the email address associated with your PayPal account is what we have on file for your payments. This process could have failed if there was not a corresponding PayPal account with this email address.

If you have never provided us with your PayPal email, we may have attempted a PayPal payment using your login email. Please look to ensure we sent the confirmation email to the correct PayPal email address by going to the "Available Surveys" tab in your portal and clicking on "PayPal Email Address Update" to review/provide the email on file for PayPal.  If you didn't have the correct PayPal email documented in this survey, go to your rewards page to determine whether your reward redemption was denied due to the missing PayPal email, then simply re-submit if it was.